At Mannkobe Enterprises, we also own and manage our own online newspaper or blog. If you have an internet strategy in place, or you wish to maximise the one we provide for you, this is a great way of going about it. 

The paper is called “The Community Forum” and covers in particular local businesses and local shopping districts and their surrounding communities in the South East and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Through this online newspaper, you can have feature articles, advertising links to your websites and a business listing incorporated. Each week we will be distributing an email newsletter to our subscribers, which includes businesses just like yours and encourage them to share this with their customers especially if they have compiled a database of customer contacts. 

This is a great way for businesses to work to together to multiply the number of people who learn about their business. A business with the appropriate internet presence and strategy will be well placed to take advantage of this initiative. 

To see the website go to “

To see a sample of our weekly email newsletter CLICK HERE.