Welcome to Mannkobe Enterprises

Welcome to our first blog post for our new business venture, Mannkobe Enterprises.

It has been an exciting time to begin the business and to get out amongst the local community, whether they be traders, local businesses, community groups or sporting clubs.

While our business is about Internet and mobile services it is also about people. We can help people enhance their business and we can make people aware of a variety of businesses and groups in their local community.

Through our online newspaper, “The Community Forum” we also intend to raise issues of significance within the community and also look to implement programs that can achieve real change for the better.

We intend to post a weekly blog about the week’s events and news and we look forward to receiving your feedback and engaging with you in some genuine and forthright discusssion about a range of issues.

As many of you know running your own businesses has a variety of challenges and we look forward to all those that lay ahead of us and in doing so getting to know as many of you in our community as possible.

Welcome to Mannkobe!

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